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It’s not often that you find yourself telling your accountants you would pay them double, that’s because Tribe provide great value for money. They agree everything upfront, which I like.

The tax opportunity identified and savings achieved were all thanks to them…

David Wilson, Director

R&D Tax relief – How do we do it!

We were visiting David at his business premises when the subject of the meeting got onto the projects that the business was undertaking. As he described the in-house design of a new barge boat – it was clear that this was something completely innovative!

When a client has a project that they are undertaking in-house (staff salaries) with technical know-how and that could not be  obtained independently in the field it is certainly worth exploring further.

We always start by asking the following initial questions:

  1. Is there a technological or scientific advancement?
  2. Is there a resolution to technical or scientific uncertainty?

Our next step is to then evaluate this further in line with the HM Revenue and Customs guidance for the research and development tax relief and tax credits.

Give us a shout if you have an innovative project! We’d love to hear about it.

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