Business Chiefs: Looking for a tax efficient way to keep your Tribe strong?

We are hearing that one of the top issues for a small business is recruitment and retention of talent. How do you compete with the larger corporates when it comes to this?

All small businesses can offer tax free gifts and benefits on top of a salary package, like a turkey or the work do at Christmas, death in service insurances, a mobile phone and mileage, they’re not that exciting!

Did you know you have an advantage up your sleeve that is government approved and tax efficient to help incentivise, retain and recruit key employees. That is an employee share option scheme, such as an EMI scheme (Enterprise management Incentive). It can be triggered into actual shareholdings when certain criteria are met (eg. on the sale of a business, performance criteria, or even when we get to go back and watch live sport!).

If you have further questions, such as:

  • What are the tax benefits?
  • Which scheme works best for my business? 
  • What criteria does the business and the individual have to meet to get the tax advantages?
  • ​How much does this cost to set up?
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