Small business owner – Do you know your ZEBRA?

Have you got a clear description for you and your team that identifies and details your ideal client / customer?

This is truly a key exercise (and it doesn’t take long) for ensuring you focus on the ROUTES to success of your business. This is a theme we have blogged on in the past but with the current economic climate (recession) it is possibly even more relevant.

We are hear that so many businesses’ main goal is growth, forget that this is also essential in everyday survival. But the question is how and of what, how do we make an inroad into such a broad strategy. There are many aspects to setting a strategy such as this for your business so we have chosen to take a look at one aspect….. knowing your zebra. Tribe often use the term zebra to describe your business’ ideal customer or client and this is a favourite, tried and tested by our business founder too.

Look at the features of your best customers (say 10 features) and create a grading system from them – you can define them by size, location or what they buy from you (product/service), do they introduce new business to you, do they pay on time? There are many ways to segment, however this is all about focusing on the characteristics of your best grade A’s, the ones you want more of…what do they look like?

When you know your zebra you will find that a piece of that “growth puzzle” has been completed and some of the benefits we have found are:

  • saves time engaging with opportunities that do not fit with your business vision
  • enables targeted marketing and communication
  • clarity for employees on the business’ identity (the “who we are, what we do and who we do business with”)
  • when you ask for referrals it makes it easier for the referrer to know what kind of new customer/client you are looking for

Once you have established what they look like and where their most frequent watering hole is…go hunt them down! They are not always going to come to you…..

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