Are you in a relationship with a business owner?

For better or worse you may be married to a UK small business owner. It’s a special club, with highs and lows, and definitely an interesting ride.

At times you may feel as though he’s only interested in the company and not you, but believe us, in 99 per cent of situations this person is building this for the best for their family, for your security and future.

You of all people will notice the changes in your partner, from distant to frustrated to elated to full on exhausted. Small businesses are dynamic, things are changing daily with new opportunities and threats to deal with and especially under current CORONAVIRUS lockdown you may be finding you are really seeing a change, the lines between the business life, the relationship, the home have been completely obliterated.

We won’t lie to you the divorce rate for entrepreneurs is 10 per cent higher than the national average, so don’t be one of these stats. You don’t have to be doomed.

Keep at the front of your mind even if you are new to this or have been there for a decade, there is a storm to be weathered, this is a long term commitment to support your spouse and is and will always be a family affair.

You can most definitely improve your approach and help (and of course your relationship) by following our social pages and reading our website blog, here we will give you snappy information bursts to support, understand and bring to the attention of your very own business owner.

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