The Package Free Larder

Every one of us can make a improvement – together we can make a change.

The Package free larder are a group of dedicated volunteers working together to bring a plastic-free supermarket to Portsmouth. Over the next three weeks they are working to raise the last £20,000 to build a guilt-free zero-waste shop. The supermarket will be equipped with all your supermarket staples, completely plastic-free. You’ll be able to re-fill your own containers with the amount you need, eliminating the need for single-use plastic. The volunteers have been working relentlessly to raise awareness and have already raised a staggering £20,000!

Please consider donating to this amazing campaign and please help spread awareness! Any donation large or small will make a difference. The volunteers have pledged that if they do not reach the grand total of £40,000 by 23rd July 2019 all donations will be refunded. Follow their story on Facebook or Instagram.


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