Local business shoutout!

Here at Tribe we can’t stress the importance enough of taking five minuets out of your day to pause and have a few minutes rest. Time is one thing no one can get more of, but you can use yours more efficiently if you take a moment for yourself to re-gather your thoughts. By taking a short break, thinking of nothing more than the moment you are in and appreciating your surroundings, you then perform and function much clearer in the workplace.

Today we found our new go to coffee spot. While out and about doing the do of handing out flyers and having conversations with local businesses we came across a beautiful restaurant. Annie Jones has a lovely inside dinning area with stunning ivy hanging from the ceiling. The staff were incredibly friendly and recommended that we had an iced coffee (which was delicious!). We sat in the garden, opposite the  water feature, surrounded by vibrant flowers and plants. It really was the perfect place to stop for a rest, before heading back out on our mission of building more connections with the local business’! If you are struggling for ideas of where to go this weekend for a lunch/dinner or even a coffee stop, this is the go to place! We are already looking forward to our next visit!


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