HMRC investigations. We’ve got our clients covered, but are you?

HMRC investigations. No one wants to think about them, but what if it were to happen to you?

All business and personal tax payers can be investigated by HMRC at any time. These investigations are random, there is no way to tell who will get investigated. This process can be challenging, time consuming and expensive. This is why we offer our tax cover service so that in the event of an enquiry our clients need not worry about how to handle it.

At Tribe although we handle all tax affairs diligently and accurately you may wish for us to act on your behalf through the investigation.

For many individuals and companies the enquiry process can be lengthy through no fault of their own or their adviser and so time to deal with them can mount up and this could be an additional charge to your business. Ninety per cent of our clients choose to opt in to the reasonable annual cover so that they can rest assured the enquiry will be dealt with at no extra cost! To summarise the benefits:

  • Business owners and individuals have piece of mind and are freed up from dealing with HMRC themselves
  • You don’t run out of budget to deal with the enquiry to the end
  • Access to employment law and health and safety advice

If you would like more details on this or any other service we offer please do get in contact below.


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