Are you a grandparent looking after your grandchildren? Don’t miss out on this NI credit

This is not a new initiative but it has been recently published that many grandparents may be missing out on claiming this benefit. With the number of children being looked after by grandparents, to save on childcare, on the rise if you are a grandparent caring for grandchildren under twelve, you may be eligible to claim national insurance credits towards your State Pension.

What you need to know to apply:

  • The child you care for is under 12
  • You are related to them
  • You are under the State Pension age yourself
  • There is no minimum in respect of the number of hours you look after them to apply for this

To apply you just need to complete the simple online form at

One of the key findings of the study by Grandparents Plus was that younger grandmothers (eg aged 50 to 64) who are fit, healthy and with younger grandchildren are the most likely to be providing care for their grandchildren, often to enable parents, and especially mothers, to work. Any reduction in the availability of grandparental care is likely to lead to mothers leaving the labour market.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to top up your income in retirement.


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